Thursday, November 5, 2009

Weekend at Dusty's !!!

"What is your hobby? Every woman ought to have some pet interest in life, outside of the everyday routine which composes her regular occupations. What is yours?"
- The Mother's Magazine, January 1915

Well, behind with blog posts or not, I am leaving town tomorrow for an all-girls, all-weekend SCRAPBOOKING and FUN HAVING Retreat at our friend Dusty's home in La Quinta.

above, our hostess-with-the-mostest - Dusty Burgmans
Yup, it's time for my semi-annual RETREAT with some of the most amazing women in my life, at the most amazing Retreat set-up ... Lyn and Willie and Cynthia. All, friends I have made through CCI (Canine Companions for Independence; ), and all, women I've grown much closer to in three full years of monthly BUNCO get-togethers! {I am so, so truly blessed ...}

I mean, WHO can resist a welcoming committee like this?!

If you haven't visited Dusty's website, you can find her at: ... what she offers is simply beyond description.

Dusty, left, giving me some advice ...

I've posted about her before, on both this and my other blog ( ), including photographs. Will try to take more pics this weekend and post next week about the experience.

a glimpse of how we work ... and the big screen TV that keeps us entertained all weekend { can you say "chick flicks" ?! }
For now, I'm just tickled pink that we're all heading over tomorrow afternoon ... let the fun and games begin! I'll be back on Sunday evening - with a whole lot of scrapbook finished up and pics to show you just how much FUN it is out at Dusty's !!

yes, I realize this ended up sideways ... but it's a tiny idea of the surprises we each find at our individual work tables upon arrival :-) ...
Dusty SPOILS us rotten !!!

-- Princess Magpie

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