Thursday, September 23, 2010

SUZI BLU graduates speak ...

at Suzi's 2010 Birthday Workshop / Stamping Details / that's me, back row, 4th from right)
 Local artist extraordinaire, with a worldwide following, SUZI BLU - rocks.   I have had the pleasure of taking two workshops from Suzi "live", and I have taken several of her on-line workshops.   You just about can't tell the difference, I promise.   

I can describe Suzi and her style of teaching in ten words (okay, so I could come up with twenty or so words, but I'll keep it sweet ... ie, short):

Accessible  (she makes herself available to her students, in person
         AND online - it's amazing)
Courageous  (she's not afraid to tell it like it is, about art, about life,
         about love)
Extraordinary  (in every way)

Generous  (with her talent & techniques, and her heart, and her
      very self)
Heartful  (I am not sure how to define "heartful", other than to say
      it's just SUZI)
Humble   (she is down to earth, she is never pretentious, and she
      never treats her students like they are anything but ARTISTS)
Loving  (you can just feel the love that emanates from Suzi - for
      animals, for people, for her art)
Soulful  (Suzi gets right into the nitty-gritty of life, along with
      sharing her soulful love of all animals)
Talented  (this goes without saying!)
Whimsical  (way fun, way creative, way way way ... Suzi !!!)

And THAT, my friends, is how I would describe Suzi Blu - if you haven't yet, do look her up and SIGN UP FOR ONE OF HER ONLINE WORKSHOPS.  And if you are fortunate to live anywhere near Suzi, sign up for a class with her "live and in person".  I promise you a great time :-) ...


Tuesday, September 21, 2010


WOW.  Wow.  wow. 

I left home Wednesday 9-15, headed to Minneapolis all by myself, where I had registered for the inaugural THE CREATIVE CONNECTION event ... I had bags in hand, I had my lecture panels and my art workshops all selected, I had my room reserved, and I had all my class supplies.  And clothes.  (of course there were clothes - to go with every possible scenario: the first day, the first luncheon, the assorted art workshops, for shopping at The Handmade Market, for the gala dinner, the boxed lunch, the editorial breakfast, the PJ party, and the cupcake farewell - although I did NOT change for every single 'event', I did have a nice assortment to choose from.  but that is entirely beside the point).

I may have gone there alone, but I quickly met some wonderful ladies ... one in particular ... LaRue, it was a delight to get to know you and to realize we had signed up for ALL THE SAME ART CLASSES and LECTURES.   "Twin daughters, different mothers", as they say.  :-)  

And as for the event, can I just drop some names here? 
Davielle (me) - The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond - and my friend LaRue

Jo Packham. 
Nancy Soriano
Ree Drummond. 
Amy Butler
Amy Barickman. 
Ruth Rae
Laurie Meseroll. 
Jenni Bowlin
Mary Jane Butters.  

The list goes on and on and on.  We had industry experts in many fields - we had panels, one-on-one interviews, and of course, art workshops with all the best of the best.  It was amazing.  So much talent (and oh-so-much estrogen!) all in one space, in one place.   The creative energy was palpable, and it was energizing, inspiring, magical.

This week I am sifting thru all the photographs and all the moo and biz cards that folks shared with me.  When I have it all "together", I will be posting (most likely in several 'parts') about THE CREATIVE CONNECTION.

For now, let me just say ... WOW.  Again.

-- Princess Magpie

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mixed Media with Paper and Cloth, with Jane LaFazio

If you're local (ie, San Diego County), and you are a mixed media artist (or want to explore mixed media art), then this is a workshop series you won't want to miss ...

Mixed Media with Paper & Cloth -
taught by San Diego artist Jane LaFazio

ACORNS & THE QUAIL - mixed media by Jane LaFazio

"Jane will introduce you to new materials and techniques to create art from paper, cloth or a combination of the two. We’ll create layered, textured artworks using collage materials, paint, drawings and thread. Come prepared to learn, explore and have fun with a new project each week. Class will be inspirational, positive and fun, with lots of sharing, laughing and learning from the others in the class. All levels of experience are welcome, and previous students can expect new lessons! "

Mondays, 9 AM–12 NOON

Oct. 4–Nov. 15 (7 weeks)
Location:  San Diego/Park Blvd. Studio
$180 for members of The Athaneum / $205 (non-members),
+ $25 materials fee

Materials:  What to bring on the FIRST DAY: X-acto knife, scissors, sketchbook, pencil and either plain or white muslin watercolor paper (any weight). A materials list for the rest of the class will be discussed - and a $25 materials fee will be collected at the first class meeting.

Questions: e-mail Jane at !!
Call The Athaneum at 858.454.5872 to enroll.

I have taken several classes from artist Jane LaFazio.  First, back in the Spring of 2007, I took her "Watercolor Sketchbook and Journal" all-day class with my friend Cynthia.   WHAT A LOT OF FUN, and what a gentle way to address my fear of drawing.   If that class interests you, visit Jane's website for details on when and where she'll be teaching that as a 2-day workshop in December. 

Jane will also be offering it as an ONLINE CLASS for the first time (details on her site, right here at )

In 2008, when I was introduced to the world of MIXED MEDIA, and was wondering who to ask about such words / terms as GESSO, and MATTE MEDIUM, and MIXED MEDIA itself -- I turned to Jane, asking her where I could take a beginner's mixed media workshop.  And that, my friends, was the beginning of my MM journey.  Thanks to Jane, and the La Jolla Athenaeum who offers multi-session workshops taught by Jane, I have become brave and curious and fascinated by the world of MIXED MEDIA art. 

I have taken two (yes, two!) workshop series (as described above) from Jane, and enjoyed every single lesson offered, and minute spent, in her classes.  And I intend to sign up for this next series !!!

Hope to see you there,

Princess Magpie (aka, Davielle)