Sunday, December 13, 2009

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas ...

Be still my little beating heart. I know, I'm posting these links in all sorts of order / no order ... but seriously, each time I visit WHERE WOMEN CREATE, another Day of Christmas seems to have snuck onto their blog ... no, really, I can't explain it. How do I miss any of these?

At the risk of pushing some of my readers to COMPETE with me for a most coveted prize, I have to do it - I have to add this one. You're going to FLIP for these fabrics, and believe me, if I win -- SO. WILL. I. !!!!!

-- Princess "i SO have to win this, i just do .." Magpie

you have to see this ... from WWC, of course

I just love WWC: Where Women Create.

Today, they feature the beautiful work of artist Dara Dimagno ... who says ...

"I am a self-proclaimed antique junkie. Like a pack rat, I am always hunting for things that I can transform. Looking for new ways to use forgotten parts and bits of flotsam is challenging and oh so much fun. My art is my therapy after a hectic day at my real job. After my children have drifted off to sleep I get to spend the night and wee hours of the morning playing artist. Using odd bits and pieces of vintage treasures I create one-of-a-kind wearable art pieces, holiday ornaments and talisman wall art. Creating keepsakes that capture moments in time, I like to incorporate antique photos, old buttons, buckles, the words from pre-1930 books, vintage hardware, and even old German doll heads into my pieces.... "

VISIT WWC at the link just above to read more about Dara, to see more of her beautiful work, and to enter WWC's "Days of Christmas" contest (again!).

-- Princess Magpie

Love Yourself Unconditionally

I found this gem in my e-inbox today ... and thought today, amidst all the holiday hustle & bustle & hurriedness ... it would be a good idea to post.

Read it as a "meditation" and you will feel SO affirmed and peaceful ...

{photo taken Christmas season 2007 ...}

I Love Myself Unconditionally

I see my heart expanding and feel an infinite abundance of love

I allow my heart to expand and allow the love to flow through every part of my body

I feel this unconditional self love fill my heart, my body, my mind, my consciousness, my subconciousness, my entire beingness

I allow the love to shine and radiate out from me in all directions and know it will return to me with more power and radiance

I feel a loving connection with the pure essence of who I am - pure love

I know at my core that the more love I give to myself the more I have to give to others

The supply is endless for as I love myself and share that love with others my love multiplies a hundred fold

Being in a continuous state of self love brings me feelings of deep inner joy and peace

I only attract loving people in my world for they are a mirror of who and what I am

I love myself; Therefore, I commit to taking time for me and dedicate time to do the things that bring me great joy without feeling guilty

I love myself; Therefore, I commit to removing the word 'should' from my vocabulary

I love myself; Therefore, I will feed my mind with loving thoughts

I love myself; Therefore, I will continue to work on healing my mind and dissolving the old thought patterns I have created that have prevented me from loving myself unconditionally

I love myself; Therefore, I will behave and think in a loving way towards all people for I know what I give out will come back a hundred fold

I love myself; Therefore I forgive and totally release the past and all past experiences - I set myself free knowing I am perfect the way I am

I am Pure Love

Namaste, PJ & Nancy

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Happy Sunday the thirteenth of December to you all ...

-- Princess Magpie

Saturday, December 5, 2009

12 Days of Christmas - a Where Women Create GIVEAWAY

Friends, if you look to the right, you'll find a "widget" that will connect you to the beautiful WHERE WOMEN CREATE website ... where they are hosting a 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS giveaway !!!

Visit them daily, make a comment daily, and you're entered to win !!!

I hope today, the first Saturday of December, finds you happy, healthy, and NOT worried about ... all your "to-do's" !!!

Be well, my creative friends ....

-- Princess Magpie