Monday, July 27, 2009

BSM: Best Shot Monday - July 27, 2009

I know, I've been remiss about posting my BSM images ... I needed a break, I guess.
But now, I am BAAAAACK and ready to select ... that special ... BSM.
Today's image was taken on our first morning in Venice; as Kristina and I sat quietly absorbing the view of the Grand Canal, and the early-morning activity of the Gondoliers and the tradesmen, I put the camera (Canon, G9) on "sport" setting and happily clicked away.

no, this isn't my BSM ... just a lead-in ...

When Kristi saw TODAY'S IMAGE, she said, "well, THERE's your BSM". I was so in vaca-mode, I had to ask her what BSM was !!!
Given that it was early Tuesday morning, it was technically STILL a Monday back home in California, and I could have run upstairs, uploaded this to my laptop, and posted it right then & there. I opted not to do that ... I opted to stay in that vacation-moment, enjoying my morning with my girls.
I told you I needed a break ... :-).

no, this isn't it, either ...

this is Kristi & Kiara at Hotel Monaco Grand Canal / Venice, Italy

So here you go ...

THIS, this, is my BSM image ... note the yellow carton in mid-air ...
I love my camera! Venice, Tuesday 14 July 2009

It's good to be back, friends.
-- Princess Magpie

Sunday, July 26, 2009

An ARTFUL Post over on 2 Travelers ...

... I just posted the longest POST I've ever done, with the most photographs, I'm guessing. Whew. What a project. And there are SO. MANY. MORE. photos that I could post from the outing on Friday to the LONG BEACH QUILT SHOW.

at right, artist Jane LaFazio's ZEN EUCALYPTUS quilt on display in the "edges" category ... this was done with pieces that were hand-dyed and wet-felted by Jane ... isn't it amazing?!

For now, visit my other blog at: for a peek at today's post. Then, when I have caught my breath, and maybe even caught a nap :-), I'll post JUST IMAGES on this blog. Later.



Princess Magpie

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Calling All Hearts - by Kelly Rae Roberts

Please visit the blog of artist Kelly Rae Roberts, possibilitarian AND humanitarian. Today she shares the story of Megan -- a woman Kelly does not know directly, but whose plight has touched Kelly's heart. It touched mine, too. PLEASE VISIT and PLEASE READ and PLEASE KEEP MEGAN and all who are facing these kinds of (health / healthcare) challenges ... in your thoughts and prayers. AND IF YOU CAN ... PLEASE GIVE.

Thank you, thank you.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Absence makes the Heart Grow Fonder ... hmmm?

They (whoever "they" are) that ABSENCE MAKES THE HEART GROW FONDER ... and since I've been absent a lot lately from posting to my blogs, I have to say ... I agree. WholeHEARTedly. I agree.

I miss the time I spend posting; I miss the comments you share with me in return. I miss the creative outlet that my blogging allows me.

I will be back ... if you want the long version, visit for today's post about WHY I've been quiet, WHAT's been keeping me away, and WHEN I intend to be back truly focused and ready to post again.

Until then, all I can say -- especially on here, Princess Magpie's creative journey space -- is this:

ITALY was a whirlwind of amazing happenings, our family ROCKS, totally and absolutely ROCKS, and all the artistic inspiration I gleaned from the trip -- was worth all the exhaustion during and now after the holiday. TOTALLY. AND. COMPLETELY. WORTH. IT.

-- Princess Magpie

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

BSM: Best Shot Monday 6-29-09 (on Wednesday)

How did Monday slip away ... it was Tuesday night before I realized that I had failed to post a BEST SHOT MONDAY image.

Monday was our oldest "grand"s 14th birthday, so I wonder if I should post another image of him? I could. Or should I post something "artsy", or something from our garden ??? or of Rocky, our rat terrier?

I can't decide, so I guess I'll just peruse the photo files until something strikes me as reasonably worthy enough to join the ranks of the AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHERS who participate in BSM !!

Well, you know what they say about a girl and her horses ... it's a match made in heaven.
My AHA moment for this week occurred when I was happily reminded of seeing the Lipizzaner show in San Diego last summer with family and friends .. when I came across THESE images:

my Canon G9 was still new to me at the time (heck, it STILL is), so indoor shots were a challenge for me - the arena was completely dark, and there were spotlights on the horses and riders ... but I like this, with that shadow of the horse and rider ...

this was another one I was happy with after reviewing the 100 or so that I shot that afternoon

but THIS is it -- the best of the bunch, as far as I'm concerned .. THIS is my BEST SHOT MONDAY
-- Princess Magpie