Sunday, March 6, 2011

ICE ice ... baby!

I am so excited ... tomorrow morning's my Monday-with-Jane art class (it's not really called that, but I call it that; ok, so it's really called "Mixed Media with Paper & Cloth with Jane LaFazio", and it's offered by The La Jolla Athanaeum).

So here's the big deal:

That's what we're doing tomorrow in class!   Making our own resin papers :-).

As the pot roast is finishing off in the oven with the potatoes & carrots, I'm sitting here selecting images to print (inkjet), and ferreting out cool papers I'd like to try as resin paper.     I'm even going to take some of the monoprint papers we did last week in case that might work ... I wonder if the color would bleed?   We'll see.

Okay, so you want a sneak peak at one of the images I want to make into resin paper?   Here it is:

it's a magpie, of course !!!
 All that, and a post coming on the beautiful day that Ann and I spent at the home of Jenny Doh (Saturday), taking a class from Lisa Engelbrecht - I'm still grinning !!!   My big idea is that I can take some of the bits of resin paper that I make tomorrow and use a little of that when I put together my LE-style art quilt with the blocks I started yesterday.  :-)

~~  Princess Magpie

Saturday, March 5, 2011

a day in the company of women ...

... today was a very fine day.   My friend Ann Deakers and I went up to the home of Jenny Doh, for an all-day workshop with the oh-so-talented and very generous Mark Maker / Calligrapher Extraordinaire - Lisa Engelbrecht.

And the beauty of taking a workshop through Jenny's CrescendoH is that Jenny blogs about it, complete with a big collection of photographs, so fast!   One can just include a link to her post, and voila!  Instant blog post for me :-).

Once I upload my photos from today, I'll do my very own blog post about today - for now, here's Jenny's "take" on the day.

Wow, wow, wow ...

~~  Davielle
aka, your Princess Magpie