Thursday, January 20, 2011

my friend Julee Herrmann ...

  How cool is this going to be?  My friend Julee Herrmann (Orinda, CA) of HeArt Collective is going to teach a wonderful class for children.  Read all about it at her link:


And if you look to the right sidebar of her blog, and scroll down - you'll see a Mermaid Cigar Box that Julee's done with a Suzi Blu online class!  It's fab. 

Be sure to check out all Julee's links on her blog - her jewelry is beautiful ... check these out:

"Faith" pendant by Julee Herrmann

"Pouty Little Princess" pendant by Julee Herrmann

And by the way - she bakes a mean Cherry-Choco Chip Cookie (I think there's even some oatmeal involved?!). 

Love ya, Jul --

aka, Princess Magpie

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HeArt Collective said...

thanks girl... you're awesome and i totally appreciate the props... it may be just about time for some cherry/choco-chunk oatmeal goodness around here!