Sunday, February 13, 2011

Getting my Lettering On - 2011

You can see the blog post I created this morning over on Traci Bautista's CREATIVITY UNLEASED site right here ...

Besides bidding on and winning a great Traci package to benefit CHARITY WINGS last week, I've also signed up for a workshop with Joanne Sharpe {Oh My Word! Artful Lettering Inspiration Journals) at CREATE in May, as well as {Doodle Soup} with Dawn Sokol at the same event.

So now, in my "learn to letter, Davi" arsenal for 2011, I have the talented & creative:

Traci Bautista
Dawn Sokol
Joanne Sharpe

and if I am very very lucky, a day with

Lisa Engelbrecht in May    (details to follow)

I think if I saturate myself with LETTERING workshops, prompts, practice, and play for the first half of 2011, I can focus the rest of the year on ... all the other mixed media art that I already love and appreciate.

Anyone who knows me and my passion for mixed media knows this about me:   I am attracted to many many forms of art, particularly within the realm of mixed media, and so I collect books, how-to videos, online workshops, and in-person classes with ALL MY FAVORITE ARTISTS / ART TEACHERS that I can get to.

I'll post later my reminiscing of just this morning, standing at the kitchen window, of all the great classes I've taken since January 2009, and the amazing people I have met in those classes, and the generous instructors who have encouraged us all to -- follow our art hearts.

Bless you this beautiful Sunday,

~~  Princess Magpie

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