Saturday, March 5, 2011

a day in the company of women ...

... today was a very fine day.   My friend Ann Deakers and I went up to the home of Jenny Doh, for an all-day workshop with the oh-so-talented and very generous Mark Maker / Calligrapher Extraordinaire - Lisa Engelbrecht.

And the beauty of taking a workshop through Jenny's CrescendoH is that Jenny blogs about it, complete with a big collection of photographs, so fast!   One can just include a link to her post, and voila!  Instant blog post for me :-).

Once I upload my photos from today, I'll do my very own blog post about today - for now, here's Jenny's "take" on the day.

Wow, wow, wow ...

~~  Davielle
aka, your Princess Magpie

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ann said...

such a fabulous day! thanks for doing the driving, sharing you talent and friendship!