Saturday, August 15, 2009

YOU ARE AN ARTIST - Suzi Blu Says So !!!

Okay, so I thought I had already done a post about the class I took with Suzi Blu last Sunday, the 9th of August ... with my cool and wonderful friend Ann, out in Poway at STAMPING DETAILS. As it turns out, there were other of my cool and wonderful friends in the class, too. Angela, you know who you are, girl !!! :-)

the wonderful SUZI herself, in wings no less, with one of her beautiful art journals - before class

and the AMAZING Miss Gigi ... who kept seeking quiet, dark spots to relax in ...

ANYWAY, apparently all I had done so far was post some pics on Facebook. Sooooo, here you go.

We started at 10 am, making straight lines with a ruler that Suzi gifted to each of us, which says something very kind & inspiring to each of us on the back (a keepsake!) so that we could begin to "graph" our face onto the moleskin journal page.

the lovely & talented MARA, Suzi's friend who is more of a classically trained artist; Mara helped Suzi split our very large class into 2 groups, so we could each have space to see how the process goes ...

After working on three versions of a face, it was time to choose one and move to the next step: colorizing it by shading in with colored pencils.

Suzi, demonstrating her colorizing techniques


okay, so no laughing and no critiquing, please. I know that she looks like she has a nose ring; that was UNintentional, believe me. LOL !!! But there will be a (magic) way that I can soften that later - I hope so, anyway

And then, by following the other magic steps that Suzi told us to take, which I cannot tell you here BECAUSE you just have to take her class. Somewhere, somehow, some day.

no, this isn't my girl - this is Lorrie's girl !!!

So here's the scoop: Suzi makes it SO EASY, offering her LES PETITE DOLLS and her GODDESS / POETS journal dolls - online - wow!

these are the more realistic GODDESS faces that we learned to work with today in class ...

contrast the Goddess faces with Suzi's oh-so-fabulous LES PETITE DOLLS faces ... which I still want to learn how to create ... here:

this, another page spread right out of Suzi Blu's art journal

my dear friend, ANN (Deakers) and HER girl ... cool, huh?!

and THIS is my girl ... nearing completion ... now all I need to do is add some JOURNALING NOTES on that left page ...

I don't have much time to include all the fun comments I would like to right now; I just want to get some of the images UP and IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN before heading out on holiday.
Ever Faithful, and Always Seeking Inspiration

PRINCESS MAGPIE (aka, Davielle)


ann said...

thank you for doing such an excellent job of documenting such a wonderful day!

Plain Jane said...

what fun, and a cool project. Can't wait to see your magical girl in person.

robin dudley-howes said...

These are all so beautiful and colorful.

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

what a great adventure that must have been! great eye candy!!!