Sunday, August 2, 2009

a new look

it was time to step boldly into the NEW LOOK realm, and thanks to Ann, my blogging mentor and friend extraordinaire, I was pointed to a way-cool BACKGROUND site ... where, for free, one can copy and paste the "code" into their customizable settings .. well, you know how it goes.

so what do you think? like the new art-ful look? I sure do !!!

the only problem is -- the "link" to that site where the free backgrounds come from -- it sits RIGHT OVER PART OF THE TITLE of the uppermost blog-post, and that is a problem.

anyone know how to fix that?

-- Princess Magpie


ann said...

looks great, but don't know how to change the name on the left...

San Diego Champions said...

The code to delete the ad is in the source somewhere, but the agreement to use the free background probably includes requirement to show the advertisement of the creator in your blog. It does look very nice! Wonder how Ann got the ad to appear in the top of the left frame instead of in the first post.