Monday, September 28, 2009

BSM: Best Shot Monday 9-28-09

This was taken in August, and it's the coolest CHERRY stem I've ever seen.

In thirty-plus years of going to Montana for his parents' cherry harvest, Mark has NEVER (he says) seen a SINGLE STEM with THREE CHERRIES branching off it.

How cool is this?!
So, I know that from a PHOTOGRAPHY or an ARTISTIC perspective, this is not really a "best shot" image ... but the SUBJECT MATTER is so delightful, I couldn't resist. {and there IS that way cool shadow thing happening ...}


-- Princess Magpie
September 28, 2009


Patti said...

cool, I don't think I've ever seen three cherries on a single stem either! but, I have participated with you in the Life Is a Verb coaching class! I hope your friend's procedure is as good as possible - hope to hear your voice tomorrow night!

ann said...

I've been so neglectful of your compelling blog.
Forgive me!
This makes me think of my favorite ME saying, Life is a chair of bowlies!
Think you'll have to use all the cherry fabric i got for your apron swap - my swapee likes orange (imagine that) and brown and turquoise.