Thursday, September 23, 2010

SUZI BLU graduates speak ...

at Suzi's 2010 Birthday Workshop / Stamping Details / that's me, back row, 4th from right)
 Local artist extraordinaire, with a worldwide following, SUZI BLU - rocks.   I have had the pleasure of taking two workshops from Suzi "live", and I have taken several of her on-line workshops.   You just about can't tell the difference, I promise.   

I can describe Suzi and her style of teaching in ten words (okay, so I could come up with twenty or so words, but I'll keep it sweet ... ie, short):

Accessible  (she makes herself available to her students, in person
         AND online - it's amazing)
Courageous  (she's not afraid to tell it like it is, about art, about life,
         about love)
Extraordinary  (in every way)

Generous  (with her talent & techniques, and her heart, and her
      very self)
Heartful  (I am not sure how to define "heartful", other than to say
      it's just SUZI)
Humble   (she is down to earth, she is never pretentious, and she
      never treats her students like they are anything but ARTISTS)
Loving  (you can just feel the love that emanates from Suzi - for
      animals, for people, for her art)
Soulful  (Suzi gets right into the nitty-gritty of life, along with
      sharing her soulful love of all animals)
Talented  (this goes without saying!)
Whimsical  (way fun, way creative, way way way ... Suzi !!!)

And THAT, my friends, is how I would describe Suzi Blu - if you haven't yet, do look her up and SIGN UP FOR ONE OF HER ONLINE WORKSHOPS.  And if you are fortunate to live anywhere near Suzi, sign up for a class with her "live and in person".  I promise you a great time :-) ...


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Beth Nicholls said...

Now that is a recommendation! I am going to check her out now. You are so inspiring the way you keep throwing yourself into your creating!