Tuesday, September 21, 2010


WOW.  Wow.  wow. 

I left home Wednesday 9-15, headed to Minneapolis all by myself, where I had registered for the inaugural THE CREATIVE CONNECTION event ... I had bags in hand, I had my lecture panels and my art workshops all selected, I had my room reserved, and I had all my class supplies.  And clothes.  (of course there were clothes - to go with every possible scenario: the first day, the first luncheon, the assorted art workshops, for shopping at The Handmade Market, for the gala dinner, the boxed lunch, the editorial breakfast, the PJ party, and the cupcake farewell - although I did NOT change for every single 'event', I did have a nice assortment to choose from.  but that is entirely beside the point).

I may have gone there alone, but I quickly met some wonderful ladies ... one in particular ... LaRue, it was a delight to get to know you and to realize we had signed up for ALL THE SAME ART CLASSES and LECTURES.   "Twin daughters, different mothers", as they say.  :-)  

And as for the event, can I just drop some names here? 
Davielle (me) - The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond - and my friend LaRue

Jo Packham. 
Nancy Soriano
Ree Drummond. 
Amy Butler
Amy Barickman. 
Ruth Rae
Laurie Meseroll. 
Jenni Bowlin
Mary Jane Butters.  

The list goes on and on and on.  We had industry experts in many fields - we had panels, one-on-one interviews, and of course, art workshops with all the best of the best.  It was amazing.  So much talent (and oh-so-much estrogen!) all in one space, in one place.   The creative energy was palpable, and it was energizing, inspiring, magical.

This week I am sifting thru all the photographs and all the moo and biz cards that folks shared with me.  When I have it all "together", I will be posting (most likely in several 'parts') about THE CREATIVE CONNECTION.

For now, let me just say ... WOW.  Again.

-- Princess Magpie

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