Tuesday, November 25, 2008

ARTISTICALLY Paying it Forward

So there is this cool magazine, beautifully edited and published, and oh-so-inspiring, and it is called ARTFUL BLOGGING: Visually Inspiring Online Journals {it is a Somerset Studio / Stampington & Company publication - visit them at http://www.stampington.com/ for more info on ALL their cool publications!). ARTFUL BLOGGING {the magazine}, in their own words, is where "Innovations in technology provide new and exciting platforms for artists and writers to share their creative work with the world."

In the Winter 2009 edition, there is a very sweet "post" on page 111 called "Pay It Forward", and it is dated August 12, 2008 -- it comes from the blog known as The Land of Lost Luggage, by Julie Prichard, which can be found at: www.lostluggage.typepad.com and I most highly recommend you VISIT her blog and look in her Archives for August 13th's entry -- you will love how Julie and her niece put together an Art Journal together, when gathered for days on end, preparing for a family wedding.

Introducing someone to ART, especially a child, can be life-altering -- for them, and for you; for us all. READ JULIE'S LITTLE STORY about "Paying It Forward" and I think you will agree with me -- it is SO worth it to take the time to do art projects with children. And grown-ups. And grown-ups who act like children, too!

-- Davi, aka, Princess Magpie


ann said...

I positively CANNOT and WILLNOT buy another thing because of your recommendation. I don't care how fantastic it is!!! Please can I look at your copy when you're done for the first pass???
Did you happen to notice an article by my 'friend' Wyanne in Artful Blogging?
My new Danny Gregory book, An Illustrated Life, came today. You can borrow it!

ann said...

Of course I had to buy it. I just love wrangling with myself, I always win (and lose). My justification is, I'll have to put Wyanne's article in Wyanne's scrapbook when she graduates, which I hope you'll help me with.
There is no connection between the two Wyanne's, believe me I checked, but it is very nice having a published 'friend.'

ann said...

also i returned the von maur sweatshirt and the replacement was $10 less, and part of the price went to breast cancer research so really i almost paid for the magazine. See - I win!

Davielle aka Princess Magpie said...

now Ann is what I call a thoughtful consumer ... she looked around her most recent purchases, "edited" carefully, and VOILA! she was able to justify the purchase of the ARTFUL BLOGGING magazine, AND when she chose a different hoodie, part of THAT (less expensive) purchase price went to support Breast Cancer Research - so how cool is that? BRAVO, Ann ... you ROCK !!! Thanks for sharing your Shopper's Testimonial with us all -- :-)! - PM