Saturday, November 22, 2008

Progress is Being Made

It is mid-day on Saturday, and God is smiling on me, that's for sure. I asked for RAIN, but since that's clearly (pardon the pun) out of the So Cal Question, He is giving me -- overcast. Nice. That, and some assorted Christmas music, is keeping me motivated ...

So by 11:30, I was partly finished with the first fifteen (yes, just 15) Christmas Cards ... the first batch is for our cycling friends, so a definite theme was the plan, and a design had to be worked out. By the time I got all the elements together, it was a cinch, putting those cards together.

Photos to follow.

Now, lunch is brewing (spaghetti squash as "pasta" and meat sauce - YUM !!!) and Mark is due home -- well, he was due home an hour ago. Whatever, more time to design the next batch of cards - lunch can wait!

Yours in getting ready for the holidays,
Princess Magpie (aka, Davielle)

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