Thursday, November 27, 2008

Deck the Halls

Well, our halls are currently decked with assorted Thanksgiving fare - edible fare, of course. My now-famous Dressing, which is nothing more than an elaborate version of Mrs. Cubbison's dressing recipe {on the back of the box}, and pumpkin pies. No, we did not grow the pumpkins {we grew Jack O'Lanterns this year, but not eating pumpkins}. I did use the cutest darn cans of Evaporated Milk, though -- since this is my creative blogspot, Princess Magpie will now share with you a photo of those cute cans:

Aren't they the best?!

And the pumpkin pies turned out absolutely beautiful this year -- even the crusts, which I ususally "over-brown" {my nice way of saying BURN} ... are perfect. Photo can follow later. If you're still searching for that one fool-proof PUMPKIN PIE RECIPE, especially if you are a beginner in the kitchen -- trust me: you can trust LIBBY's. Do it exactly like it says on the label, and you will have success.

As for the Christmas Cards that have bedecked our dining room & breakfast nook for close to a week now, here's another sneak peek:

Happy Thanksgiving to you all,

Princess Magpie, aka DAH

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