Friday, February 20, 2009


Hey, crafty friends --

I discovered two scrapbook shops in POWAY, CA over last weekend -- and I was super impressed with both.

STAMPING DETAILS on Midland Road, ... which had a lovely assortment of rubber stamps, inks, alcohols, transfers, rub-ons, papers, Golden products (matte medium, gesso, soft gel, etc ...), etc. In addition, they not only OFFER really cool classes & workshops, but they have FANTASTIC SAMPLES of the projects one will undertake IN those classes and workshops on display. There were several wonderfully kind & helpful employees on hand last Saturday to steer me in the right direction, and one even gave me, a first-time visitor, a little guided TOUR of the place. I am most excited about the CLASSROOM SPACE they have - excellent lighting, a great table, decent chairs {this is important, you know, when you're going to be sitting there for hours ...} and best of all - they keep class sizes to a small number so everyone gets individual attention and enough space to work. Sigh.

and COOL SCRAPBOOK STUFF on Poway Road, ... this place was a bit overwhelming when I first walked in, but everyone who works there was SOOO nice, and the store is layed {laid?} out in a nice, this-makes-sense sort of way. They carry wonderful product lines, they have plenty of product, and it's a BIG STORE, with something for everyone. They, too, have classes -- although I did not check out their classroom space.

I love living on the coast, but it's nice to know that within 30 minutes, I can be in Poway, shopping at my two new favorite spots. :-) BIG SMILE.

your happy ...

Princess Magpie

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