Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mixed Media with Jane LaFazio, Class 4

Monday, February 16, 2009. Another rainy Monday {God, I love that weather ... it's the BEST. Thank you, God.}.
Today, Jane showed us how to prepare two cotton canvases, unstretched, untreated ... we used white Gesso to lay down the foundation for an antiqued-looking background ... for what comes next. Images of JANE'S FINISHED WORK appear here ... wow, wow, wow.

Jane is so good with POPPIES ... love this piece.

I could write a poem: "Why is the Blue Quail Sideways?!"

As we do every week, class begins with everyone showing & sharing with the rest what they completed between last Monday and this ... I sat in awe of the finished {and in progress} work of my classmates. My piece was just one-fourth complete - I'm still working on the hand-stitching and embellishing of those last three squares, so I can piece it back together into VOILA! a finished piece of art.

four squares - and on the right, 1 embellished, 1 partly-embellished
{this is my work ...}

Jane also showed us how to carve our own rubber stamps. Yes. You read that right. If I were so inclined {oh, and I just might be ...}, I could now design my very own rubber stamp/s to use in my artwork. Another big WOW moment for me. It's easier than it sounds; yet harder than it looks. Does that make sense?

first, sketch your design on plain paper

then turn paper face down on the rubber block, and using the side edge of your pencil, "transfer" the image onto the rubber

next, use a sharpie to re-draw over the pencil lines so it's easier to see the pattern

BEFORE YOU BEGIN CARVING, decide WHICH parts of the design you want to PRINT, and which you want to be "negative" space. You'll be carving out the negative space. SO: using a cool tool designed to carve out the rubber (linoleum tool, maybe? I'll have to clarify), you begin slowly, and carefully to carve away the rubber around your design.

after you've finished a small portion (a corner, maybe), TEST YOUR WORK by stamping it ... instant gratification!

If you are an artist and can DRAW, this is for you. If you are somewhat challenged in that regard, then this is something that would take plenty of practice, trial & error, etc. But - it can be done!

For now, I think I'll stick to ... mixed media, with a focus on collage. And home-made scones & banana bread. Don't know that I'll take up Rubber Stamp Carving ... yet.

Stay tuned for next week's post after art class!
-- Princess Magpie

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