Saturday, February 7, 2009

Rocky makes Paper Dolls

Honest to God, one hour after I was smiling at artist Jane LaFazio's cat BUDDY in her art studio {as posted on Jane's blog}, I walked into our living room {read: NOT my art studio}, and found this:
hmmm ... what happened here?

on closer inspection, one sees a bit of an ANGEL shape ...

Apparently, Rocky found it amusing that I found it amusing that PETS could play with art supplies ... so he indulged my sense of humor by stealing a map of Siena, Italy and CHEWING paper doll shapes into the folds.

This, then, is Rocky's "finished" product:

look closely: there are THREE "angels" in his layout

And this, THIS is Rocky -- cleverly pretending he had absolutely nothing to do with anything:

Isn't he the cleverest Rat Terrier, EVER?

-- Princess Magpie
P.S. for anyone who hasn't seen his darling face, I post this:

Rocky, ready for his close-up !!!

1 comment:

Plain Jane said...

ha!! so innocent indeed. Buddy has perfected the same 'look.'