Sunday, February 28, 2010

JUST AS I AM ... as borrowed from Andrea Schroeder's blog

I've been "arting" a lot the last ten days, and so have fallen behind on ... e-mails, phone calls, housework (did I just say that?! like it's something I regularly do?! LOL ...), and especially, blogging - and sharing photos of my recent art adventures. 

This morning, I was stopped firmly in my 'I Have So Much To Do Today" tracks by this one e-mail ... I get messages from Andrea Schroeder, and this has been of the most personal and eye-opening (for me) yet.

I have lifted it, in its entirety, from Andrea's message:

just as i am
Posted: 26 Feb 2010 05:00 AM PST

my friend robbin participated in this amazing project called just as i am. this is from the just as i am website:

"Over the past few years I have been amazed at the number of people who have come into my studio with “body issues”, I’m always amazed at this and am saddened by how many people don’t see the beauty that is inside of them. Just As I Am is a project that has come out of this desire for people of all ages and cultural backgrounds to come together in a project to see that we are more similar than we are different. Through this project I hope that more people will also have a greater appreciation for the beauty and complexity that is the human body and come to a place of feeling that we are all beautifully made.

Thousands of years ago Job wrote “Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked I will depart.” Most of us seem to be able to accept this, it’s the in between time that many of us struggle with.

Most of the time between birth and death it seems we are all slotted somewhere in the pecking order from first class to baggage and one of the beautiful things about this project is that whether a millionaire or a homeless person we will all be depicted as equal; there will be no suits or jewellery to hide behind, it will simply be a person photographed “Just as they are”.

Who we are is so much more than simply our bodies or what we look like, the reality however is that when people look at us the first thing that they see is our appearance. I have found in the past that when I’m with clients photographing nudes that it is much easier to see into the soul of my clients. It seems that when there is nothing to hide behind the real person emerges.

This project involves a 10 minute photo session for each participant and each person is asked to come with a couple of sentences or phrases that they think are descriptors of who they are.

Our hope is in the next few months to put together a gallery show of images from the sessions and if all goes well possibly a book as well as the website where many images will be posted along with the phrases of who the subject is."

they did put together a gallery show!

and that show opens tonight.

I (Andrea) am in turkey and not able to be there but i wanted to join in on the celebration somehow so i thought i’d share it with you here. if i was at home, tonight i would be going out for dinner with robbin to celebrate this amazing event, to celebrate that openness and willingness to be seen just as we are. and to acknowledge the courage it takes to do this.

we tend to think of bravery as being strong and taking action and doing big things out in the world. but this is real bravery. opening up, being real and allowing yourself to be seen.

please use the comment section to send robbin your congratulations and good wishes. and if you’re in winnipeg – go see the show!

andrea schroeder creates creativity workshops, downloadable creativity kits, art and guided meditations to support you in knowing and remembering that you are a creative being and you can create anything.

I will be referring to this post from over on my other blog, because I believe everyone I know and love is, and even those who visit my blog/s that I do not (yet) know -- can relate to this concept in one way or another.  Wow.

-- your ever-faithful and oft-gathering-to-embellish the nest ...

PRINCESS MAGPIE (aka, Davielle)


squarepegperson said...

Davi - ohhhhhhh! I haven't jumped over to the Just am I am pages yet, am about to as soon as i finish writing here...also wanted to ask if you're going to be at the Bound retreat (the button top right on your blog)??

You KNOW how much i love the body-love/body-affirming/body-mindfulness stuff - I am so excited to go look at this. Thanks for blogging about it...and hurrah for your "nesting" instincts - i imagine your home is soooo inviting and love-filled (coz YOU sure are)!

Davielle aka Princess Magpie said...

Karen, sweet friend. I just knew this post would strick a chord with you. Our work "together" with Brene Brown last year was quite mind-body-though altering for me, and if it weren't for that - I wouldn't have "met" you - and if I hadn't met you, I wouldn't have "met" CHOOSING ME, your fabulous work - nor would I have "met" Belleruth Naparstek, who is helping me right along with not just my migraine issues, but a host of other "ails". I'm solidly working on COGNITIVE/behavioral stuff and it's amazing what comes to light. I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOUR WORK, and thank you, my Square Peg Karen, for posting your comment. xoxo - Davi

Davielle aka Princess Magpie said...

oh, I forgot to answer your question about BOUND ... sadly, I am not going to BOUND. I sure wish I was, though. Kelly Warren is helping coordinate the event, and we met at AN ARTFUL JOURNEY. I made her apron in our apron-swap. I love Kelly !!! are YOU going to BOUND?

Mrs. Spotts said...

Hi Davi...It's Lorrie!! I have seen your picture or name on about three different blogs this morning and think that was a big call out from the universe for me to get to your blog and say HI!!!!! We are not too far away, how about planning a get-together for a mini artful journey of our own??


DH 2Travelers said...

Lorrie -- yay! so glad to hear from you. YES, we are definitely close enough to plan a meet-up. When AND Where are the only questions. I think Ann would enjoy seeing you again, too. :-) wasn't AN ARTFUL JOURNEY ... amazing? let's talk about that get together. xo - Davi