Monday, March 15, 2010

Announcing ... Princess Magpie's Nest & Studio

You read it right, friends. 

I am taking my art- and soul-filled adventure in a new direction.  An "additional" direction, if you like.

I have ... started a new blog with my new business in mind ... ... I know, that's a long long long address ... I'll do something about that when I can figure out how to make it SHORTER via some kind of link-up ... Ann ???

If you visit the new blog, via the handy dandy link above, you can read the beginnings of this new venture.

I have also "opened" my very own ETSY shop, called Princess Magpie's Nest ... you can visit it at ... although the "shelves" are still empty :-) !!!

So far, I've shared my dream (in most of its entirety) with only the grandchildren, two of our daughters, my husband (yes, Mark; and he is intrigued and engaged in the ideas I presented), and my friend Nina, who I frequently "art" with and whose input I appreciate and value.

But the more I "speak" the dream, the more "real" it gets for me, and I can hardly sleep any more.

More to come ...  more to come ...

-- Princess Magpie


ann said...

woo hoo - i'm off to check out the new blog!

Kelly said...

yay! can't wait to hear more about it. Just read your post over there but it looks like you haven't enabled comments yet. :-)

Jane said...

Congratulations! Good luck with Etsy. And making space and time in your life for this dream. Checked out the new blog; you sound absolutely FULL of enthusiasm! Can't wait to see how wit unfolds.

Cathy {Tinniegirl} said...

It all sounds absolutely wonderful. I hope all your dreams come true.