Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Card TIDINGS to you all

As I near completion of my 125-card stated goal this year, I am already feeling a little bit sad that the project is about over.

I do want to have our Dining Room restored to its former, albeit naked, self. "Naked" because, to me, it looks best and most lived in when we are either entertaining and it's all set for guests ... or when I have a scrapbooking or card-making project spread all over the room, end to end. Those are the scenes that make me happiest.

We don't do near enough entertaining -- very little, in fact -- and my husband gets very upset if I requisition the Dining Room for my projects -- so these two weeks of card-making have been a little slice of heaven in the house for Princess Magpie. {other than the running commentary from the Mister}

this photo may explain why Mark gets mad at me for using the dining room?
Bless you for reading my blogspot, and for encouraging me on this 125-card journey. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
-- Princess Magpie, aka DAH
December 5, 2008

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Plain Jane said...

ooh ooh! that dining room table looks perfect to me!!