Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A COLLAGE A DAY by Randel Plowman

Want to know what inspires me? Plenty.
Lately, I am very "taken" by the creative genius of one Randel Plowman, of Kentucky. Randel has a very cool blogspot, where A COLLAGE A DAY is posted ... check it out for yourself!

Someday, I aspire to ... SOMETHING creative each and every day ... be it a small collage, like Randel's, or a custom greeting card for somebody, or a page in a scrapbook, or an entry in my Watercolor Journal. Whatever it ends up being, THAT IS MY STATED GOAL.

illustration is called THE SECRET, and is one of Plowman's 4 x 4 inch collage works ... I love this!

Something creative EVERY single day.

I hope you enjoy A COLLAGE A DAY, the blogspot. Let me know what you think!

-- Princess Magpie, aka DAH

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