Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I'll take my INSPIRATION anywhere I can get it ...

... including STARBUCKS COFFEE !!!

Mark and I stopped in at the Montecito Starbucks yesterday before heading home, and the little bag that my Gingerbread Man came in said this:

Starbucks Coffee (in the logo)

flavors my senses
sweetens my disposition
stirs my imagination
nourishes my dreams

I HAVE TO ADMIT - I was mighty inspired after my Mocha Frappucino and my Ginger Man. During this oft-hectic and stressful time of year, I highly recommend a stop-off at YOUR favorite, local coffee bar -- be it Starbucks, or a private venture like my sister-in-law Kim's ESPRESSO MIO ... just so long as you get your favorite special beverage and maybe a little nosh ... just to take that holiday edge off.

Gleefully yours, a well & truly caffeinated

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