Sunday, May 10, 2009

ART IS A VERB from author Patti Digh

Author PATTI DIGH (Life is a Verb: 37 Days to Wake Up, Be Mindful, and Live Intentionally) had this really fun post on her blog today ... I was so taken with the creative challenge she's putting out there, I just had to "borrow" it and see what you all think:

"10 May 2009
Look for art in your days.
Let's art! Art is a verb, right?

Thanks to all who responded to
the idea of making art for others. In this photo are the five names I drew from the old basket the Easter bunny always left for me when I was a kid.
If your name is pictured, email me at patti(at)pattidigh(dot)com and let me know your mailing address. Sometime this year, before the end of 2009, you'll find a handmade surprise from me in your mailbox!

As I looked at all the other names left in that Easter basket, I wondered if perhaps you'd like to choose someone else who left a comment and gift them with art this year (perhaps the person who commented just after you did?), or perhaps find five people in your life to gift with art before the end of the year. Surprise someone! Or put this whole idea out into the world in a bigger way wherever you are.

There is a certain joy in making. Do you need to be "an artist?" No. We are all artists. That's the truth of it. We come into the world making art. Let's reclaim that insane energy of creation, that space where YES is the impulse, not no. The place where the offer, not the object itself, is the thing of beauty.

There is a certain joy in making. In making something for someone--even someone you don't know and may never meet--to anticipate the smile it brings them, to have them know that YOUR hands, where YOU are, made the thing that is now in THEIR hands, where THEY are.

Creative is a verb, my friends. Let's."

You can visit Patti Digh's blog at:

Oh, Patti, this is the most terrific creative challenge ... thank you, thank you. I hope lots of new people visit your website / blog pages and buy your LIFE IS A VERB book, and take you up on this oh-so-incredible artistic challenge.

Let's all make 2009 an ART-FULL year, shall we?

-- Princess Magpie

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