Sunday, May 31, 2009

I have a most SERIOUS case of Lampshade Envy

Oh my, friends. My blogging mentor and dear, dear friend Ann has done it to me ... she has found something I just can't stop thinking about, and I now have my first (and hopefully last!) case of SLE {that's Serious Lampshade Envy, for any of you that were not Psychology majors}.

I need a support group. Intervention. A straightjacket. HELP !!!

Check out her THE ENDLESS SUMMER blog at:

Scroll down a bit, and THERE it is. The cause of my new Disorder. SLE. Serious Lampshade Envy.

How can I ever forgive this one? How can I get over wanting that lampshade?

Your oh-so-pained-and-envious,


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