Monday, June 1, 2009

BSM: Best Shot Monday - June 1, 2009

Happy June, all. And boy, has it been 'practicing' a lot around here lately for the whole June Gloom thing. ;-) (just the way I like it, though ... I love this stuff !!!)

So it was hard to decide what to post for today's BSM (Best Shot Monday) image ... I caught* some good shots of Trevor at his Pony baseball game on Saturday - a game which they won.

I also caught some not-so-great shots of our Great Horned Owl(ets) again - last night -- and while they're not so great, you CAN see their silhouettes.

Given the limited capabilities of the photographer (that would be me) -- 'cause I do think my camera (a Canon G9) is far more capable than what I'm getting -- they're not so bad. Not after a bit of "brightness, contrast, and color" adjustment, anyway.

So I think I'll have to post TWO. Okay, THREE.

THIS, this - is my BSM image.

That's our Trevor, getting a hit/RBI - and making his bat stand upright !!!

Really, can you believe the strange "luck" I have with capturing baseball bats doing tricks ??? (some of you might recall my BSM post for April 27th, where the bat was suspended in air!)

and this, this would be right up there with the bat-on-end. I call it Ball in Glove. (as Trevor's private coach, Ryan, always tells him - "the catcher has ONE JOB. to CATCH the ball." Ryan would be proud!)

Owl Taking Flight off our bluff -- and check out the silhouette of the shrub to the left - does that resemble a hunched over violinist, or what?! I love it !!!

Yup ... those are my three for this (last) week. Have a beautiful Monday, and KEEP TAKING PHOTOS !!!

-- Princess Magpie, aka Davielle

* you probably now get the pun -- "caught" on camera while Trevor was "catching". oh, never mind. sometimes I am too easily amused and it's not really all that clever!


corin said...

love love love both of those baseball pictures. if you are like me you take a whole lot of photos during the game...that is how you get those special shots. very cool.

Davielle aka Princess Magpie said...

yes, Corin - i just put my trusty Canon G9 on SPORTS setting and let 'er rip. i'd love to see some of yours, too. post more, or e to me. :-) - Davi