Monday, January 5, 2009

Books for Creative Inspiration

"It is time to browse through the precious books that have meant the most to you that you may rediscover illuminating phrases and sentences to light your pathway to the future."

-- Wilferd Peterson

Being an avid reader {some might call me a rabid reader!}, I know that oftentimes, when reading a book - fact or fiction, serious or light in mood - I am moved to highlight or underline a word, a phrase, a sentence, even an entire paragraph - because it just "speaks" to me.

Words are often such good inspiration for me, creatively. I am also quite visual, but it's usually in the spoken or read word that I find an idea for -- a new collage, a greeting card, some sort of project.

Sometimes I just want to illustrate a word or a phrase -- I've even seen art journals where quotes are used as the "text", and the pages are full of snips of ephemera, original works, or some combination of the two -- to SHOW what the artist feels the quote is saying.

So many possibilities ... creative ideas come fast and furious these days, without the means for expression. So I make ... notes-to-self and lists, of future collage works.

Ah, a brand new year lies ahead.

-- Princess Magpie, aka DAH

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