Sunday, January 11, 2009


Just home from another FANTASTIC, FABULOUS, REMARKABLE, FUN-FILLED, PROJECT-FILLED weekend retreat at Scrappin' at Dusty's, in La Quinta, CA. is the website if you'd like to take a closer look at what she has going on out there in Wonderland ...

My friend Lyn and I went over on Friday afternoon, and spent the Retreat with a couple of lovely gals from Orange County, Krista & Melinda. What amazing women are repeat visitors to Dusty's !!!

Did I mention that when one attends a Retreat at Dusty's, EVERYTHING is included?

If you are making cards, you don't have to take a single thing.

If you are working on a scrapbook, all you need are your photos, and the pages (and scrapbook) they will reside in when finished.

Literally EVERYTHING you could want to use to get creative -- is there, and is included in the price.

Did I mention that the beds are "I can hardly wait to crawl into bed" comfy?

They are! Pillow top mattresses, the world's softest & freshest sheets, a warm comforter to cozy into, and an extra blanket if you need it. And the pillows - ah, heavenly. I always get a super good night's sleep when I'm at Dusty's.

Did I mention yet that Dusty makes the world's best Caffe Lattes?

She does! And all your meals are also included. I'm not kidding! {Did I mention the big candy basket from which one can, if one is so inclined, snack from as you like!?}

So what are all the nifty supplies available for you to use? The list is endless, so I encourage you to visit Dusty's website to get a gander of just a sampling of what's out there ...

For now, I can provide you with this:

the largest collection of high-quality rubber stamps I've ever seen
the most beautiful, high-quality INKS for stamping with - in every color under the sun
tons of paper - solids, patterns, all weights, even vellum(s)
brads, eyelets, crystal bits, and drawers full of ribbon
{Dusty's is an embellisher's dream-come-true}
many wonderful die-cuts to choose from, and a Sizzix and a Big Shot

Each work table contains ALL THE NECESSARY TOOLS to get the job done --- an array of adhesives, scissors, a paper cutter, cool tools for cutting out special shapes (forget the name!), and plenty of terrific working light ... TWO lamps on each work table.

Did I mention that it's a wonderful thing to do with your {adult} daughters, or your best girlfriends, or your mother - ANY of your most favorite people? IT IS !!!

We can watch movies on a big-screen TV, we can listen to music of any genre, we can laugh and tell stories, or we can just all work quietly ... whichever mood we're in, it all seems to work just fine for the group.

A retreat at Scrappin' at Dusty's is for ANY and ALL experience levels. As a beginner, you will learn SO VERY MUCH about whatever it is you want to work on - be it stamping or scrapbooking. As someone with a little {or a lot} of experience at this kind of thing, I would venture to say you'll pick up some new technique each time you attend a weekend at Dusty's. {I know I do !!!}

It's an incredible experience.

Did I already mention that it's AN INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE? I can't say it enough.

When I get photos from my friend Lyn, I'll be sure to post on this blog ... I'm kicking myself that I forgot to take my camera with me this weekend.

IF YOU HAVE AN INTEREST IN GOING, I can't recommend it highly enough.

Your VERY happy, can't wait to go again ...

Princess Magpie, aka DAH

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