Friday, January 30, 2009

musings on my Mixed Media Art Class

Well, Monday came & went {Jan 26, 2009} and I'm finally posting my musings about the long-awaited MIXED MEDIA art class with Jane LaFazio. For more about Jane, visit her blog at:

this is Jane ... outdoors, watercolor journaling no doubt, wearing her fave color shoes: RED !! {photo borrowed from her site}

Twenty of us {19 women, 1 man} enrolled, and just one was absent at our 1st class session. The students come from all walks of life -- the corporate world, the artistic world, a blend of both -- and they come to class with varied experience with art, and with taking art classes. I was thrilled to hear that one student is a former editor for a creative publication company that I am just crazy about: Somerset. All ages, all levels of artistic ability, and from all over the county -- one gal even drives down from San Clemente for class!

Jane is a remarkable artist, and a remarkable teacher. It's one thing to be good at something; it's another to explain to others "a process". Especially when it comes to being creative!

speaking of "being creative", this is some of us, doing just that

I sat next to a sweet gal, Jean, and spent the break walking across the street for coffee with a dear lady named Noel. And come to find out, a childhood friend of my husband's is taking the class. She does longarm quilting, and so the learning experience at JUST ONE CLASS went above and beyond "mixed media". How many of you know what longarm quilting is?!

Below: this was our work table; these are my 2 pieces ...

they're very much "works in progress", quite literally, as we bring them back to the next 2 class sessions to continue creating

So there's a few photos taken at class on 1/26 ... we have a substitute teacher on 2/2 ... another fabulous local artist, Helen Shafer Garcia ... and I'll take photos each week for posting here.

and this is Benny the Bedlington ... this is the 1 man in my class; he's taking it with his wife -- and I'm so envious -- they're about to move all their art supplies into a proper STUDIO down at Liberty Station ... wow!
Questions, anybody?
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Plain Jane said...

it is a great group isn't it?? so glad you're there!