Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Scrappin' at Dusty's

I just received the photos taken by Lyn at our last SCRAPPIN' AT DUSTY'S Retreat (Jan 9-11).

Photo at left was taken SUN morning, after more than 36 hours of scrapping (well, and sleeping, too) ... Dusty was advising me on background paper color choices for some layouts for our 2008 trip to Europe. She's so good with color, design, techniques ... I've learned so much, yet have so much more to learn ...
In the above photo, you can see part of two work stations - we each have TWO really good lamps on our table, for "correct" light helps one make "correct" color choices. We also have a full set of ink "spots" to use if stamping, all sorts of cutting tools, plenty of workspace, and we are surrounded by a large room full of all the materials, tools, supplies one could want to use for scrapping & card-making. Dusty's Retreats are the BEST !!!

Photo at left shows two more work stations, and Dusty's desk facing the window (which looks out to the pool and jacuzzi, which if one WANTED to take the time to use, one could - but one never does!) -- you can also see the large screen TV that we watch movies on while we work.

This next photo shows the work station where the Sizzix die-cut tools are kept -- this is where we cut out letters for our layouts, if we are so inclined.
So not only does Dusty make the best Lattes (coffee OR tea) that I've ever had - really - but she's a heck of a cook, and she takes care of dinner for us on Friday & Saturday nights (for the 2-night Retreats), as well as Saturday's breakfast. We're on our own for lunch, but with the yummy leftovers to be had, or all the sandwich fixings one could ask for -- it's a breeze. {Did I also mention the candy basket that lurks just around the corner from our work space?}
Photo, left, of Dusty's kitchen & dining area -- just off her Great Room, where one can relax and catch the news or a football game if one needs a break from their scrapping.
NOTE that Dusty sets the table for dinner using her beautiful china ... and we are usually treated to cloth napkins, too. It's delightful.
And while one can't always get this lucky, on Jan 10, the Full Moon was "the biggest and brightest one would ever likely see it", according to the news -- so we all took a trip or two outside to sneak a peek. It was a sight to behold !!!
I am so looking forward to my next full weekend at Dusty's, in late March. Now you can all see why I am crazy for this lady, and for these Retreat getaways. I encourage you all to take it under consideration this first half of the new year. You've probably got a baby book to put together, or a wedding album, or your pet's photos in a pile, just waiting for an opportunity like this to assemble them into a wonderful keepsake. And if you're not into scrapping your memories, how about making home-made cards for everyone that you send one to in the year - list all the family & friend birthdays, and make them each a card they'll cherish.
-- Princess Magpie


Lyn said...

Davi....your words express my feeling too. Dusty's lovely retreats are as close to heaven as you can get on earth. Only 9 weeks before we head back for another weekend with 3 CCI friends. *Lyn*

Davielle aka Princess Magpie said...

Thank you, Lyn. I've heard the same from others who have experienced time at Dusty's - they just don't "comment" on the blog! THANK YOU for following this blog, and THANK YOU for posting your comments. :-) Hugs - D.