Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mixed Media - Round Two

With very mixed emotions, I embark tomorrow on another six-week class of MIXED MEDIA delights with local artist and amazing teacher & friend, Jane LaFazio.

Maybe it's appropriate to take a MIXED MEDIA class -- or six of them! -- with MIXED emotions.

I found out on Friday night that my friend-since-Junior-High, Sue, who in August would have celebrated her 30th wedding anniversary {my only trip to Las Vegas was to be her Maid of Honor, way back in 1979}, lost her beloved husband Ernie Llanos to cancer. He was just 59.

I found out on Saturday afternoon, from my sweet cousin Kathy, that our aunt Aggie - who is much beloved in our family - has been hospitalized for kidney failure. I have not yet been able to reach our cousin, Charlotte, who is Aggie's daughter, for an update.

And I found out this morning that the most amazing, big-hearted, incredible man in San Diego, my former boss, MICKEY CAFAGNA, lost his battle with cancer yesterday morning. He was just 65.

MIXED EMOTIONS doesn't begin to describe ... how I'm feeling today.

Happy Easter, Happy Pesach, Happy Spring to you all -- and remember to LIVE YOUR LIFE LIKE YOU HAD JUST 37 DAYS LEFT (a la Patti Digh, LIFE IS A VERB) and remember to TELL & SHOW YOUR LOVED ONES you love them and remember to ... just be kind. To one another, and to yourself.

-- Princess Magpie

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ann said...

Jane's class will be a perfect place to put your sadness.
only be sad for their families though - heaven is our goal, remember?
on my frig i have a reminder: everyday is one day closer to heaven (still on my death jag:-)