Thursday, April 23, 2009

So many things to catch up on ...

It's been crazy hectic around here, and I know I am woefully behind on BLOG POSTS here --

I'm signed up for a BOOKS WITHIN A BOOK class on Saturday ... if you have an interest in what that's all about, here is a photo that inspired the project -- and I'll be taking the class at SAN CLEMENTE ART SUPPLY -- for details, visit them at:

I've already been to two (yes, 2) MIXED MEDIA WITH PAPER & CLOTH classes with Jane LaFazio and a whole room-full of amazing artistic folks -- and I think I have yet to blog about what we're doing in there. My apologies for that. I'll get caught up -- soon -- I promise.

this is Jane, showing us the difference between a drawing on ARTIST'S TISSUE and UNWAXED SANDWICH PAPER {for applying on top of our background papers when doing collage work}. Week One, Mixed Media with Paper & Cloth {through the La Jolla Athanaeum}.
-- Princess Magpie


Plain Jane said...

xo. This photo reminds me not to wear this shirt again to class next week. You know how you forget what you wore? and this shirt is quite memorable.hmm. all about me.

GREAT having you in class Davi!!!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

oooo this sounds like a wonderful class, enjoying JMayer singing one of my fav songs too while I'm visiting :) Love the Peace rose photo, stunning!