Friday, April 17, 2009

Music works ...

... on so many levels.

if you didn't yet click to see/hear SUSAN BOYLE ... what are you waiting for?

On another music note (pun intended), if you scroll down the right side of this page, you'll see a MIX TAPE from "MixPod" (it's cool, it's easy, it's free) that was part of an assignment for my Read-Along with Dr. Brene Brown. Not only did Brene's mix-tape inspire me, but the songs that other participants posted really got me to thinking.

Take a listen.

-- Princess Magpie

P.S. if anyone's wondering - YES, I will get some posts up soon re: ART in the forms you are used to visiting my Blog for ... :-) !!!


corin said...

I never think of bob marley- but I love that three little birds song. peter gabriel too....ahhhhh this has been fun.

Brené said...

eva cassidy! oh . . Yes!