Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Art is for My Soul ... Listen to Your Muse by Suzi Blu

Okay, is it just me, or when you become immersed in all-things-artistic, do serendipitous things just keep happening ???

I love this stuff.

My blogging mentor and artistic and heartful friend, Ann Deakers, sent me a link to this YouTube clip by local artist SUZI BLU.


Thing is, back when I first became friends via Facebook with artist BERNIE BERLIN, she called me on the phone and we talked about her animal rescue facility (in Portland, Tennessee) for about an hour. She asked me if I knew her friend here in So Cal, artist Suzi Blu.

I have not yet met Suzi, nor taken one of her workshops ... but I do most assuredly intend to.

And then - cleaning out old inbox messages in FB this morning - I found this from Ann, telling me I should get a "kick"out of this clip.

Oh, yes I surely did. It is fabulous. I hope you take time to TREAT YOURSELF and watch it.

-- Princess Magpie

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