Saturday, June 6, 2009

MAS progress continues

Friday morning, June 5; 9 am:

Okay, so MAS now has several meanings:
Messy Art Space
Messy Art Studio
MY Art Space / Studio
I like 'em all. Yet, I am leaning now towards the last one. MY ART SPACE.
"Messy" sounds like it's going to look like, well, like my home office. Or my closet. Or the chest next to my side of the bed. {you think I'm kidding? then you don't know me!}

What 'MESSY' was meant to denote was that THIS is where the messy art would happen - the stuff with glues and paints and water and such. {although we have no sink in the garage ... yet ... I remain hopeful! I am pretty sure that the capped pipe that leads off the base of our water heater is ... the plumbing to BRING IN A SINK some day.}

But now, it's just going to be MAS: My Art Space.

The progress continues, slow but sure. Before he left town Friday morning, Mark helped hang a hook for aprons;

voila !!!

a re-used dog kennel-crate door (it's not only magnetic, but I can use clothespins to clip inspiration to it right where I work);
the dangling tag says "she's a good girl; crazy about Elvis. loves horses, and her boyfriend too" -- one of my favorite song lines, a la Tom Petty.
and a cookbook holder, mounted to the wall, so I can open up a book to the instructions and SEE IT, yet keep it clean while I work from it.
Lined up to use it first:

Taking Flight by Kelly Rae Roberts {the artist and her book, who started me on this amazing artful journey over a year ago ... she SO insires me}
the books I have by Claudine Hellmuth ...

this is one of Claudine's books, in the rack !!
and of course, the two books by Golden artist CHRIS COZEN ...

those are Chris' books on display - the larger art piece just beneath is by CHRIS - I bought that from her during her recent 2-day workshop here in town, hosted by San Diego Book Arts. the two smaller pieces are ones I did in a Chris workshop back in March, at Stamping Details in Poway. Funny, when I bought her work, I didn't realize I was again drawn to those colors. I have a long way to go, but still, I think I'm on the right path, learning from the best artists I can take classes from.
and my book by friend LINDA BLINN ... about creating family memory books.
I'm just waiting now for a book on Mixed Media with Paper and Cloth - by -- drum roll - Jane LaFazio !!!
I can hardly wait to get creating in my space !!!

my drafting table, with an assortment of work I created during Chris Cozen workshops, 2009

-- Princess Magpie


ann said...

looking fabulous!
love the book holder idea!

Davielle aka Princess Magpie said...

why, thank you, Ann. I get a lot of my inspired ideas - from YOU !! like using the dog kennel DOOR as a magnet / clip board :-) ... how cool was that idea? and it works! (not TOO good as a magnetic surface, but workable) With the cool clothespins that you gave me, Ann, from ETSY, it's darling! thank you, thank you, my blogging mentor and artsy friend. LOVE YOU - D.