Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Day in San Clemente

In the blink of an eye, a day can turn from a bummer into a high. Here's my story:
Friends, my day began on a real sour note ... because our voice-mail service provider (and right now, I use that term loosely - "service provider", that is) had a TIME DELAY in getting me a voice mail message I really really really wanted to get ... I discovered this morning that I had missed my only opportunity to meet up with Bernie Berlin and Suzi Blu ... for dinner last night. Can you say "BUMMER" ???
If you don't know who Bernie and/or Suzi are ... you can check them out right here:

That, and a few other rough patch moments this morning had all conspired to leave me SO near tears, I thought I might just as well have the meltdown and be done with it.
But .. it didn't happen. The Melt-Down, that is.
Instead, I put my big-girl panties on and HEADED RIGHT ON INTO the rest of my day, which included spending 5 hours with the delightful and talented LINDA BLINN and friends Barbara and Sharon, at Linda's charming home. Did I mention in a former post how fantastic Linda's art and crafting space is in her home? It's way cool.
So here's just a few shots of our time together. What a respite. What an inspiring time. What cool things everyone had "on the table" to share with each other.

Linda's been working with SUNPRINTS; these are on fabric.

and another Linda Blinn SUNPRINT on fabric. isn't this beautiful?

so after we'd admired some of Linda's new art adventures, and after we'd started our TRADING back and forth, it was already time for lunch. we DO a good job complementing each other when it comes to who-brings-what. Look at that spread! That's Linda, tossing the Chinese Salad that Barbara made for us ...

here's Sharon and Barbara, enjoying our day together ...

and what terrific luncheon spread would be complete without the world's tastiest cupcakes? These were from ELIZABETHAN DESSERTS in Encinitas. Tasty, tasty, tasty. We split each into four, and each took a bitty section. We figure that way, we've each tried 'em all AND it's still only ONE cupcake each ... you see how we artists can be SO creative when necessary?!

Then it was time for us to do some sunprinting of our own ... Linda wanted to try this ... a bird silhouette with lace around & behind ... let's see what happened!
step one
after you get it ready, you hurry outside, find the sun, and set it down - for, I am not kidding, less than 1 1/2 minutes. Seriously.

oh ... HELLO, KITTY.
(not Kitty Blinn, but Neighbor Kitty)
after that moment in the sun, you run inside, and you rinse the "developer" paper under lightly running water -- to rinse away all chemicals and to STOP the process. then - let dry.

still wet, but I am SO seeing that bird - aren't you?!
(look closely ... and do tell ... is it just me, or CAN YOU SEE IT?!)

I love this small circle of creative friends. They sure brightened my day! I so appreciate being included in their gatherings.

And to make our time together even MORE beautiful ... Linda always has some fresh flowers somewhere nearby for us to enjoy ... these are her GINGER SYLLABUB roses. To-die-for.

And every gathering must have a little bubbly. This, a nice Italian Prosecco - just dry enough and TASTY.


-- Princess Magpie


Noel (with two dots over the "e") said...

What materials do you need to do sunprints? I really like it!
And I need tutoring on how to put stuff on the right hand side of a blog. Help!

Plain Jane said...

what fun with linda!! and great food too.:-)