Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lisa Bebi's PAINT OVER TECHNIQUE Workshop, June 27, 2009

About 6 weeks ago, I picked up the new issue of SOMERSET STUDIO GALLERY and the very first article ... led me to artist Lisa Bebi and the workshop that Cara & I attended on 6/27/09.

Wow. Cara and I thoroughly enjoyed Lisa's workshop in Escondido yesterday afternoon. It was quite hot outside, but the inside of the Gallery was nice and cool, and we had a great set-up.

Lisa, getting us all started on the process ...

and Lisa with her quickly-completed example of her Paint-Over Technique ...

I have to say, Lisa teaches well -- she doesn't fuss -- and this particular technique of hers was rather easy to pick up. And FUN ... it was soooooooo much fun. Transforming magazine images and our own photographs, printed on plain paper from an inkjet printer ... what a way to make art!

Cara gets into her projects ...

and she's off and running!

sitting back to gain perspective ...

My daughter Cara, who is quite artistic and can draw anything FROM AN IMAGE of it ... hasn't worked much, if ever, with paints. Probably next to never, other than creating birthday party scenes for children, and transforming her daughter's bedroom into a Parisian Street Scene once ... but as for working with acrylics, I'm guessing never. (Cara has, however, been a drawing fool since she could hold a pencil and/or crayon).

I've only been working with acrylics since January, and my art background consists of ... making collages as a child, learning the very basic basics of architectural / interiors drafting when I was taking all the interior design classes, and that's about it. I've had color theory (interior design requirement), I've had art history; I've made scrapbooks and cards and such .... but as for MAKING ART, this is all new to me, too.

And while our class was small, it was "full" of interesting & talented women; one of which I was so happy to meet after being a FAN of her on the radio all these years ... The infamous "RUTH 66" from radio station KGB (101.5 on the fm dial here in town). Oh, and by the way ... she has a real name ... and it's not Ruth :-) ...

me 'n "Ruth 66", getting to know each other at the end of class

So to wrap this up ... here's how we made out yesterday:

Cara's finished / near-finished image of herself from a bridal shoot she did this year ... I love her use of color and line!

Bike-Mama from a vogue-style magazine - a la Cara --
again, her use of color blows me away!

a bridal mag image that Cara "techniqued" over ... luscious!

And my work for the day ... this from a bridal magazine ...

And this, my own daughter Cara from that same bridal shoot ... this was SO much fun.

Thank you, Lisa, for your hard work teaching us how to do this paint-over technique and for making it so much fun. I can't wait for another class with you!
-- Princess Magpie

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