Friday, June 19, 2009

Got Artist's Block? Try This !!!

Anyone out there facing some kind of ARTIST'S BLOCK?

As a rather new 'artist' (yes, I still put it in quotes, 'cause I am "just playing" with art, I guess ... it takes a whole lot of courage and gumption to say I AM AN ARTIST) ... what I struggle with is this: I came to the awareness a week ago, while chatting with my friend Margy, that (right now, anyway), I feel SAFER and MORE COMFORTABLE "making art" when I am in a class setting, or a workshop ... "with others".

One part of what I love about art is ... the COMMUNITY of art. I love the people. I love the synergy. I love the passion and the creativity and the energy. I have been fortunate to find great art teachers, people who can RELAY the information needed to teach a new technique, and who leave me INSPIRED to ... do it.

And while there is nothing 'wrong' with preferring or being more comfortable in such a setting, the thing is: I really really really want to incorporate MAKING ART into my DAILY life, and I can't afford the time & finances to TAKE A CLASS A DAY. :-) Really.
I have a beautiful MAS (My Art Space) in our garage now, I have a whole lot of art supplies just waiting to be all used up. It's that HOLDING BACK, that FEAR OF FAILURE that makes me unable to Just Do It.
So when I come home from a class, I face the FEAR of "not doing it right". Goodness, when it comes to art, what does "right" mean, anyway?

So along with Julia Cameron's THE ARTIST'S WAY, and along with LIVING THE CREATIVE LIFE by Ricë Freeman-Zachery, I am finding that the work of PATTI DIGH is opening doors for me -- in my head and in my heart and in my gut.
You know what I mean. The GUT is what tells you you're "in intuition" ... right? It's my gauge, anyway. Head - left brain. Heart - right brain, full of emotion and feelings. Gut - intuition, pure & simple.
Patti Digh's book LIFE IS A VERB: 37 Days to Wake Up, Be Mindful, and Live Intentionally is amazing. (thank you, Ann, for pointing me to Patti's work ... you are SO my muse, Ann. you introduce me to so very much of the good in my world and I cherish you, for your friendship and for your "knowing" just what will appeal to me. it's a real gift.)

LIFE IS A VERB: 37 Days to Wake Up, Be Mindful, and Live Intentionally - Patti's website - is at:

LIFE IS A VERB (the book) is available here:

But what really has me excited right now is this: Patti and her friend and mentor, David Robinson, will be co-facilitating a TELE-COACHING CLASS for six months -- SIX MONTHS -- along the lines of the "work" outlined in LIFE IS A VERB. It begins July 7, and there will be two phone 'coaching calls' each month for six months. SIX MONTHS, friends.

What can you accomplish in six months? MY INTENTION is to get out of my own way - to get out from behind the FEAR that keeps me from trying things on my own ... like making art ... the fear of 'not doing it right' ... the fear that 'it won't be good enough'. Because as a child, I often heard messages along the lines of ... "you're not getting it right", "you're not good enough", and/or "you don't look the part". Stuff like that. IF YOU ARE A PARENT, please please note that verbal & silent messages we send to our kids WILL have a lifelong impact. I'm here to tell you!

So - if you're struggling with ARTIST'S BLOCK -- take the time and get inspired, get soothed, get motivated -- grab the books I mentioned, find other resources, talk to other artists - they ALL struggle with this at times. I'm sure of it. And CHECK OUT PATTI DIGH's website. Take a look at what "story" you might be hanging on to, hiding behind ... that's keeping you from living YOUR best life.
With love from your evolving ...
-- Princess Magpie


ann said...

all i do is point you in the direction, then sit back and watch dynamo davi run with it!
great fun for me. wish i had your talent, but the treasured friend part of you is what i value most (plus the fact that you read my blog AND make comments!

can't wait to start your fingerless gloves!

Davielle aka Princess Magpie said...

Ann, you made me cry. xo - D.