Monday, June 8, 2009

BSM: Best Shot Monday, June 8, 2009 - posted from Solvang, CA

I have very few photos to choose from this morning, as I'm posting off our laptop, from charming Solvang, California. Although we head home this afternoon, I know the day will get away from me, so I am opting to post something for BSM from the handful of photos I took on this quick trip getaway.
it's not a great photo, but this charming little statue captured my attention yesterday (at J. Woeste garden shop) in Los Olivos and I couldn't resist sharing her with all of you ... how many times as a child, barefoot in the garden, did YOU have to remove some bothersome thing from the bottom of YOUR foot?! :-)
While I try to avoid GRIPING on my Princess Magpie blog, I feel compelled to tell you that IF you should visit Los Olivos, and IF you should visit the J. Woeste garden shop, do not expect good customer service. I tried to find an employee for 15 minutes - only to discover that the man (right beneath my nose) who was busily texting all that time DID work there - he never looked up, never asked if I needed help -- even when I stood 4 feet away and said (to myself, out loud), "I wonder if they have a business card around here - oh, here's one" -- he NEVER even paused, nor did he look up. THEN, my husband said "that guy works here - I saw him in the garden a while back" ... so I go back, INTERRUPT his oh-so-important texting, and ask "excuse me, but do you work here" (fully expecting him to say "no, I'm just watching the front while my female friend carries on a personal phone call in the back room" - which, by the way, we could overhear all throughout the little shop - but no, he says "YES I DO" ... not 'yes, how can i help you' -- and then I had to ask him to come around the corner to ask about a dog statue they have. NOT HELPFUL at all; not engaging; not friendly. {Boy, that "yes I do" sure surprised me !!!}

again, not a great photograph ... but something about the sweetness of mother and foal at the Quicksilver Ranch (miniature horse farm) just grabbed me ...
On a much more approachable and friendly and engaging note, if you'd like to take a closer look at the miniature horses of Quicksilver Ranch, here's their website:
Signing off now from the Danish capital of California, sweet SOLVANG ...
-- Princess Magpie, aka, Davielle

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Amy Jo said...

As soon as I saw that statue I thought of my kids, who immediately must brush off their feet if they get so much as a blade of grass stuck to them! Cute!